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Common Areas

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Office common areas promote interactions between employees that occur naturally. The office settings in which workers come together whether they simply need to retrieve a printout or they’re taking a break in their day dictate how teams form and bond. Effective office common area layout design can help your space to serve as a melting pot for ideas, and provide opportunities for the exchange of information. Recognizing the value of office common areas is the first step in determining what goals your company’s shared spaces will have. Consider what values you’d like your office space to communicate, and where its layout provides opportunities for socialization. Available space may be the most crucial limitation when designing your office’s common areas – if your company’s office has a small footprint, you may wish to plan more mixed-use areas, so as to get the most functionality from limited square footage. If you have the luxury of ample available space, you may want to consider multiple common areas placed strategically throughout your office.

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